Monday, January 29, 2018

Everyone's favorite... Cooking and Baking Week!

     Well the time has come... one of my personal favorite weeks of the year: Cooking and Baking Week! With having a somewhat older class this year, we were able to make so many more and new recipes! The kids learned counting with measuring ingredients, vocabulary with the various food items and worked on fine motor skills by using their hands to mix and pour the ingredients! Who knew cooking and baking could be such a FUN and UNIQUE learning experience! Our recipes this week included: pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, yogurt pie, chocolate chip cookies, pita pizzas and dirt cups! Can you say YUMMY?!

     During chapel this week, Mr. Butterfield taught us that we cannot measure God's love for us. He loves us infinitely and unconditionally! We played in the gym during large, gross motor time and even went outside on a few nice days! Take a look at our FUN and YUMMY week! :)

Shape of the month: Oval
Color of the month: White

Stir, stir, stir!

                                                       Mr. Butterfield leading chapel!
                                                                  So engaged! :)

                                                                 Ready for gym time!

                                                              It's running time! 
                                                                We love reading time!
                                                            Mmmm yogurt pie! 

                                                             Smelling the ingredients!

                                                        Bounce house for a special treat!

                                                                  Best friends!
                                                   Dancing is one of our favorite activities!
                                                                   Yummy dirt cups! 

                                                             Chocolate chip cookies! :)
                                                                    Pita pizzas! 

                                                        Backs to the wall, to the wall! :)

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

C is for CAR!

Last week, our 1 year old class learned all about CARS and transportation! We did so many fun activities that involved cars and roads! First, we had to introduce the traffic light and the colors. We made a giant stop light. The kids tore up red, yellow, and green paper and we then sorted them in three separate piles! Teachers put on the glue and then the kiddos got to stick the torn paper on the correct light! What a great fine motor and team building activity! The kids also made car tracks using paint and cars! We loved this activity and were able to stay somewhat clean. (Ha!) We learned shapes by driving cars on different shaped roads! We made our own cars by using tissue paper and paper plates! During circle time, we sang our welcome song, hello song, counted our friends and reviewed our shape/color of the month! We also sang songs about cars! Take a look at everything we did this week!